Joint Ventures & Partnering

You Don't Have to Go It Alone

Real estate is a TEAM sport. 





Working together to identify, analyze, negotiate, fund, rehab, reposition, modernize and manage properties. As a TEAM more can be accomplished for the BENEFIT of all involved. 

Why Seek A Joint Venture or Partner?

As the Sponsor you need:

  • Capital 
  • Better access to Institutional and Private Lenders 
  • Credibility with Sellers, who believe you will close
  • Better contractor and other third-party pricing 
  • Strategic and technical expertise  

As the Investor you need:

  • DEALS! DEALS! & more DEALS! 
  • Profits, Cash Flow and/or Growth 
  • Access to development and rehab properties 
  • Opportunities to grow your money

 Ask about the BENEFITS available to you when contributing your property and/or resources to a Joint Venture. 

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