Buyer's Brokerage vs Seller's Brokerage

When you call on a broker for assistance in acquiring or disposing of real estate, who is that broker really representing?

Buyer's Brokerage

When acquiring real estate for use or investment, you need more than the traditional services offered by Seller's agents. You need to be represented by your own agent who thoroughly understands your needs, goals, resources and agenda. 

A Buyer's Broker, YOUR Broker will be the best choice to represent and protect YOUR interests.

Seller's Brokerage

OUR  GOAL: To utilize the most appropriate tools available to sell, trade, exchange or otherwise dispose of your property with the best acceptable terms in the shortest possible time, as a team.

Tax-Deferred Exchanges

An exchange allows an owner of investment property to replace that property with new investment property while deferring tax on the gain.


Tax-deferred exchanges are as advantageous for individuals and small businesses as they are for large corporations. Regardless of size, real estate exchanges are subject to a myriad of regulations, opinions, court decisions and rulings. As a financial tool, real estate exchanges offer excellent advantages. However, they must be structured in accordance with all regulations to realize BENEFITS.

NOTICE: We are not tax or legal experts. Consult your accountant and attorney as appropriate.  

Equity Marketing Trading and Exchanging

The process of structuring BENEFITS oriented real estate transactions providing WINNING solutions for all involved. 

We  combine our training and experience in real estate and transacting with counseling, proven formulas and knowledge of the marketplace to obtain the BENEFITS a client NEEDS from their real estate and other resources.

Find out how you can get what you want, when you can't sell what you've got.

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